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Annie Lockhart




Annie Lockhart’s life has always been as an artist in one form or another. She has always found beauty in unexpected objects and learned to arrange them still-life fashion as a teenager. She emerged as an accomplished self-taught assemblage artist whose work has been shown and sold at top juried art shows as well as featured in national magazines. She teaches artist workshops across the country (soon to be teaching classes on the island) and wrote, Objects of Reflection, A Soulful Journey Through Assemblage, an acclaimed guide to the deeper understanding of assemblage art. Finding inspiration in unexpected places ignited her artistry and has now carried her to a whole new expression as a painter!


 A new life in Galveston and her love for water came at a time when Annie found herself  exploring new paths. This is reflected perfectly in what Annie calls her “soulful painting.” It began intuitively (and unexpectedly) during the 11/11/11 gateway and has carried her away in a free flow of prolific artistry driven by the journey to the calm space at the center of each painting and Annie herself.  The energy of each work is water like, reflective and full of joy!     


The colorations are profuse and manifest in a style some may call abstract expressionism but for Annie it is anything but abstract. It is in fact, the clearest expression of who she has become as an artist! 


Yvette Crosby former Editor in Chief  ZENTO Magazine Hawaii


Annie shares; 


I have been a ‘Westonite’ since ‘93! I live here with my husband, Dan Carrel (artist) and three grandchildren, & our dog, Coco! Dan & I married & combined families in ‘95. We have seven grown children, and 15 grandchildren! 


I have been an artist for as long as I can remember! I now facilitate painting workshops here, in my Weston studio, as well as traveling across the country offering my newest ‘Path of Purpose’ painting workshops…where we explore creating from a place of purpose, passion, and finding your authentic self-expression …all with a mix of mindfulness & joy tossed in! 


My work is enjoyed & collected from the coasts Maui to gorgeous Canada! 

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