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Dona Corben


My interest in photography began in 1970 with the birth of my daughter; I wanted to capture every moment and event through her growing up years. Other things began to capture my photographic interest as well. I took classes and workshops in photography and computer art. Computer layers and filters help emphasize the mood I want to express in an image. Now, my camera captures a moment; my computer helps define that moment.

I like to use lots of white in my work as a design element. I intentionally let my work fade off or blow out into a white space. I also like to use heavy darks and lights in my work for drama.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work and seeing what I see.


Dona self portrait on bench  copy.jpg
Dona s equipment copy.jpg
Dona s studio copy.jpg
Donas hands w camera WEB SITE  copy.jpg
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