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Leslie L. Mason

Sculpture & Painting

As a self taught artist, Leslie has been a creative force for most of her life! She was born and raised in Long Beach, California, and moved to the Kansas City Northland area in her mid-twenties. She and her husband Phil, their dog, Remy Blue, and recently adopted cat, Miss Gypsy Jazzee Lulu now reside in the rural Platte County area. 


Staying true to her spirit, Leslie creates art that tells a story of the world around her, but with a bright, bold, whimsical twist. Her art and story really developed in her childhood years ago, but not realizing those stories until she started painting as a full-time artist. As she created, characters started emerging with personalities similar to those of beloved pets, family and friends. So she combined with her love of vibrant colors, asemic writing, patterns and nature, and her signature style of Magic Realism began. 


Over the last decade, Leslie created her company, Lane Tree & Lily LLC, expanding her 2D paintings into the world of 3D sculptures, textiles, including needlepoint canvases, apparel and home decor. She has created designs for Merle Jam Concerts, The Midwest Transplant Network, The Kansas City Parade of Hearts and private collectors nationwide. 


Leslie's art can be found at art fairs as well as several art and gift galleries around the Kansas City area. For more information on Leslie's story and her art whimsy please visit,

"An untamed state of mind, unrelenting passion with a cup of gratitude all mixed in with a little bit of color and whimsy, brings joy to my heart and fire to my soul!"

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