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Debbie Wetschensky

Painting, Glass & Drawing

I do not remember a time I didn't have a pencil or a crayon in my hand. 


My parents always loaded me down with art supplies and I never let it go to waste. I retired in 2001 as a Middle School Art Teacher. After my thirty-year career in the public school system, I have been pursuing my personal art 24/7. This freedom has allowed me to explore new mediums. 


Working in pencil and pen & ink have always been my comfort zone but now painting and glass are allowing me more avenues to be creative.  My love of animals is a major focus of my art.  Their eyes are so expressive, and I strive to help them tell their story. I am fortunate to do a lot of commission work of people's pets and I truly consider it an honor.  I cannot imagine my life without my art.  It is what keeps me grounded.

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