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Bev Hartland


My first experience as an artist began when I discovered crayons and colored pencils. I always wanted to be different when I made art in school, it couldn’t look like the other students' art. The trip to the Nelson Atkins Museum in elementary school was the next experience that set me on an art path, I didn’t want to leave!  My high school art teacher gave us freedom to experiment, which allowed me to try different things that struck my interest.

Nature inspires much of my art. The shapes, colors, and textures of nature provide the bases for much of my work.  I am always trying new mediums, combining them, and discovering myself through the process. I call myself an 'experimental artist'. Some of this comes from teaching high school art and wanting to introduce new techniques to my students.

My art is most usually mixed media which may include encaustic painting, cyanotype, and digital manipulation. You can also find my art at the Albrecht Kemper Museum, St. Joseph, MO and Centering Souls, Parkville, MO.

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