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Sheri Marston


I feel blessed to have found a medium that allows me to share with others the beauty I see. While some of my work is from well-known and often traveled sights, frequently it’s right next door.  One of my most popular shots was taken at a famous lighthouse on the west coast, but the shot isn’t of the lighthouse, it’s of the path going to the lighthouse. A simple tree and maintenance shed with a path separating them. The tree bends over the path, the shed has paint peeling, both showing abuse by the winds that beat the coast. The day was dreary, about 55 and drizzly; everyone was huddled in their jackets and hurrying to get to their destination; the lighthouse that I honestly didn’t find that interesting.  I just felt a peace or rightness about the scene, and I think that others feel that also when they look at the shot.

Awards and Exhibitions

Displays in Kansas City, New York City, and Washington D.C. 

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