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Bill Ellis


I am a local Kansas City, Missouri based nature photographer specializing in wildlife and landscapes throughout the United States. Throughout my professional career I always admired how artists captured the awe and wonderment of the natural world we live in, and since my retirement, I have immersed myself in capturing that world through photography.


During the past seven years, I have traveled the western United States, Alaska, and the Heartland in search of those unique images that I can capture and share with those who have not had the opportunity to see them in person. My travels have shown me that it is not only unique images that can be appreciated, and in many of my creations I try to capture interesting views of some of the more familiar sites and scenes around us.

Awards and Exhibitions

  • Published in the September/October Edition of ASPCA’s “All Animal Magazine

  • Honored to Exhibit in the Gladstone, Missouri Community Center, July/August 2023


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