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Judy Meng


Control is such an integral part of our everyday lives. We control our emotions, control our tempers, control our children, control the channel changer! It is a natural reaction to attempt to control our surroundings to create order out of chaos. Watercolor painting has been a rocky path to learning that we cannot, nor should we, control everything. Watercolor has long been regarded as the most difficult painting method as there is no white, thus necessitating the ability to paint in "reverse" Learning to save the lightest areas and letting the paint go where it needs to is truly an art. The fluidity characteristics create lovely runs, blooms and sometimes miracles. Also, a lot of rejected attempts. I love the delicacy of watercolor as well as the vibrancy of pure color saturation. Color defines the temperature and mood of any painting. I've been painting watercolors for about 15 years and have learned something new at every attempt. I am also an avid gardener, which I draw from for my florals. Landscapes, seascapes and florals are my genre, with a few animals thrown in for fun. I'm always on the lookout for inspiration in the world around me and hope I can share a little of the wonder with you.


I have studied with several renowned artists and have paintings hung in 10 states.

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