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S Michelle Babcock

Vitreous enamels, silver, gold, copper bronze

Art Philosophy

Cloisonne enamels, which Michelle thinks of as tiny wearable paintings, is her passion. Michelle enjoys the pond in her backyard. It's an oasis, a place to rest and contemplate. What she observes there often inspires her work.


Artistic Beginnings

S. Michelle Babcock has been fascinated by jewelry since she was eight years old, when she made a brooch and a tie tac for her mother and father. They encouraged her to draw, paint, and create as she carried on the family's artistic tradition; her father made his living as an artist. Michelle's parents often were amazed at the tiny things she would create with her six fingers.

She earned her BFA in jewelry and metalsmithing at the University of Kansas, where she studied enameling under Olli Valanne.

Michelle opened her jewelry and enameling studio in 2001 after her three children grew old enough to allow her to work. She lives with her husband, Rob, in the Midwest.

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