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Stephen Meyer


As a child, I was always fascinated with all things mechanical and spent many hours playing with such toys as Lincoln logs, Tinker toys, Legos, and Erector Sets… and developed an intense curiosity and understanding not only of how things were made, but also how mechanical things actually worked.  That, of course, led to a deep respect for the skills in the building trades… framing carpenters, stonemasons, trim carpenters… and the satisfaction of creating things with my hands.

My education included a business degree at KU, three years as an officer in the Navy, then Veterinary School at K-State… and a 26-year career in veterinary small animal medicine and surgery.  All throughout this time I continued my interest in learning more about “How it was Made”.  After retiring in 2006, I deepened my interest in woodworking and began acquiring equipment and experience to include spending several years with a highly skilled wood craftsmen. My first undertaking was building a grandfather clock.

Wood has a natural beauty, but understanding how to reveal and enhance that beauty with stain and finish takes practice and skill.

live edge walnut table 10 (4)_edited_edited.jpg
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Steve at lathe 2.JPEG
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