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Laurie Mellenbruch



I create my jewelry in my studio using "Cathedral, Iridescent and Dichroic" art glasses, kiln-firing to fuse them at 1500 and up. Although fusing
is an ancient technique, it is popularized today with the introduction of dichroic glass, designed for the space industry because of the incredible reflective qualities. Dichroic coatings are actually multiple microscopic layers of metal crystals that when combined, create intriguing color changes on 
different backgrounds or at various angles.  All earwires and spiral bails are " low tarnish Argentium Sterling"


Many designs are "tack fused", intentionally firing to a lower temperature so as to just fuse the elements together. This makes the resulting design very interesting and tactile. I often combine textural glass in these designs also.

Others are "full fused" or fused until they become one solid shape, usually eliciting an interesting visual depth. There are usually several layers, one of them usually clear, requiring several kiln firings, diamond grindings and polishing to achieve their clean, usually bevel-edged finished look.

Many designs capitalize on the ever-changing spectrum of dichroic by fusing the same colors to black and clear in the same piece, emphasizing their differences. These designs also are distinguishable by selective use of the sensual, naturally formed edges of poured glass.

Style and Philosophy

My designs are distinctly contemporary, enjoying rich color and style. Strong visual shapes are important to me.  Each design must make a visual statement, whether bold or subtle, but must be pleasingly unified. I take pride in the uniqueness of my designs, combined with superb craftsmanship. My unique spiral bails add a distinguishing flair to each design and the use of a wide variety of colors helps to complement almost any wardrobe.

Background and Education

  • B.A. Art Education, USF

  • 30 post-graduate hours at Kansas City Art Institute

  • 12 years Designer with Hallmark Cards

  • 15+ years glass and jewelry designer

Awards, and Exhibitions

  • Numerous Printmaking Awards 1965 -1975

  • Best in Jewelry / Tulsa Mayfest 2004

  • Juried Shows:

    • Art Westport,

    • Prairie Village,

    • Town Art/ K.C.,

    • Omaha Summer Arts,

    • Queeny Park &

    • Historic Shaw/St. Louis, etc.​

  • Best of Missouri Hands (BOMH)

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